What to Write About Dog Tags?

With the inclusion of the obligation of microchips some owners have begun to no longer use dog tags: this is an incorrect behavior because, in the face of a very low cost and effort, the tags are an excellent tool to increase disproportionately the possibility of finding your four-legged friend in case of loss.

The law very clearly establishes the duties and responsibilities of the owners of pets, but among them there is no longer the obligation of a medal as it is considered sufficient the microchip. There are, however, many cases in which a carefully filled out tag could avoid days and days of waiting and make you find your beloved puppy: many people are not aware of the microchip or tattoo and could look for some kind of plate on the collar of the dog, so it is better to provide.

Dog tags are one of those accessories that leave a lot of room for the imagination and aesthetic needs of the owner, both because there are not many special needs to be met and because the dog itself is no longer annoyed by particular types of tag for collar, you can then choose the shapes and colors that you like, bearing in mind of course that you should not use toxic materials or shapes and sizes that can damage the neck of your pet.

As is intuitive, on dog tags you must write or have engraved on one side the name of your dog and on the other at least your phone number and if possible also your full address, so that you can easily contact or, if the dog is lost in your vicinity, even take your puppy directly home. Write the name of the dog can be useful to allow those who find the animal to calm down a bit ‘saying his name

You can find many models of dog tags both in pet stores and in many online shops and there are endless choices for custom tags with engravings, drawings, logos and various writings, you’re spoiled for choice.

In addition to your aesthetic tastes, however, you should always keep in mind an important fact: your dog will run through the parks, will slip into the thick vegetation, will fall into puddles and ponds, will roll everywhere and will play with other dogs.

Regardless of the colors, it is good that the dog tags are very, very durable and that the inscriptions or engravings can withstand all these situations.

Finally, you don’t even need to buy a tag: with a minimum of patience and a little ‘skill in DIY you can create beautiful tags for DIY dogs, totally customized!

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