How to Choose the Most Suitable Dog Bowls

The dog bowls are certainly one of the most important accessories, indeed, essential in the life of our four-legged friends but, compared to various other articles, it is rare that they are given space and attention.

And there are not, in fact, many indications to give when choosing bowls for dogs, but it may be useful to briefly examine the various types that you can buy in pet stores or online shops, highlighting the pros and cons of each model.

Raised bowls for voracious dogs, so as not to make them too dirty around, narrower and taller bowls for dogs with long ears, luxury bowls, design and custom: those who think it is a rather narrow field will find that, on the contrary, there are dozens and dozens of different models available.

However, there are three main types of dog bowls and they differ according to the material used. In addition to these, we have included a fourth one, a little more particular, thinking of all the friends of Pet Magazine who are not always able to be present for every meal of their puppy. Let’s go and find out…

Bowls for Dogs – Ceramic

This is a rather dubious choice: although they are usually very heavy and difficult to break, the material is still fragile and any breakage would expose the dog to the risk of even dangerous cuts.

Very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view, it is necessary to check for the presence of lead in the coating, not to mention that the porosity of the material makes it more difficult than usual to clean the bowl.

Bowls for Dogs – Plastic

Another very common choice. Bowls made of this material are very easy to clean but, under the playful attacks of the dog, they tend to last less than other types.

This is still a good solution but you need to carefully assess the possibility of allergies: if your puppy shows any symptoms try to change the bowl, it could be an allergy to plastic material and not some problem with the food.

Dog Bowls – Steel

Strong, easy to wash, hygienically preferable, steel dog bowls are most likely the best and there are not many contraindications other than the fact that, exposed to the elements, they run the risk of being too hot in summer and frozen in winter.

Dog Bowls – Dispensers

Finally, there are many models of automatic bowl on the market, which can provide lunch to your dog at predetermined and scheduled times, making life easier for those who are not always present at home and do not want to leave too much food available at once. Some of these bowls also offer the possibility of recording a short voice message that will be activated when food is provided, giving the dog the impression that his mistress has just called him to make food.

They are obviously more expensive accessories than the simple bowl, but they are also able to provide considerable help to the owner and the dog.

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