GPS Tracker For Dogs And Cats: You Won’t Lose Your Friend Anymore

Those who love their pets try to keep them safe and prevent them from getting lost. In some situations, however, animals can get lost, perhaps at the park during games with other dogs or in natural environments as far as cats are concerned. Animals can also get lost due to loud noises that frighten them, for exceptional events or on holiday when they are in a place new and unknown to them. In these cases the technology comes to the aid of the owners with the GPS locator for dogs and cats, a device that allows you to know with extreme precision what is their position in real time.

Gps Locator For Dogs And Cats: The Features

The Gps locator for dogs and cats is a device that is applied to the collar of the animal and that allows you to locate exactly its position thanks to an application that is downloaded on your tablet, smartphone or computer at home. The small transmitters placed on the collar send signals that are connected to the app and that locate the exact location on the map, with a gap of a few meters, at most five and within a time of about 5 seconds at most. It is important to choose devices that are absolutely simple and never invasive for animals, or GPS locators that do not produce any kind of stress, whether it be a slight electric shock or a vibration, not to disturb the normal and quiet natural life of the animals.

The tracker receives the system data from the satellites and, thanks to the wide monitoring spectrum, is able to locate the animal in any position on the planet. For best performance, the dog and cat locator usually integrates a transmitter. The receiver then acquires the satellite data and sends it to the system. The owner connects through the app or the manufacturer’s site and, in real time, receives the geographical coordinates, which are variable because the animal is usually moving. It is interesting to note that the function can be performed in any weather condition, a factor of great importance in the mountains or in unfavorable environmental conditions, when the discovery of the animal can be difficult. The good quality device is waterproof, resistant to water, rain and snow, a fundamental characteristic in particular conditions and in case the animal has got wet.

The owner must therefore connect to the manufacturer’s website, which often provides a special application. In the site the owner must enter his data and the number of tracks of the animal. It can be a free or paid service, often with a monthly subscription or with the purchase of a prepared one. The costs are variable but, on average, amount to about 5 euros per month.

The Best Models

Different models of GPS trackers for dogs and cats are available on the market. It is important to buy a system that works with care and that has been declared efficient by the community of people who bought it. The cost varies according to the degree of goodness of the materials and the performance that the system offers. Let’s take a look at some examples of animal locators to better understand the characteristics and prices of the individual models.

Tractive GPS Animal Locator

The device locates the animal’s position thanks to the reliable GPS tracking system, is 100% waterproof and resists rain, water and snow. It is a very small device, therefore also suitable for cats and small dogs, as well as large ones such as horses. To control your pet, you can activate the app with a classic or premium monthly subscription, which in the latter case uses multiple sources and is more accurate. The device is white and has a led that allows you to view even in the dark.

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