Games for Dogs, Between Fun and Training

Whether they are puppies a few weeks old or large-sized animals, now well grown, almost all dogs often need and want to play: so what are the best games for dogs?

How to choose the right toys and what activities to have your four-legged friend do?

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor dog games?

Below we will try to give you some small advice…

Playing is very important for your dog because through the game the pet learns, socializes and thus understands the various statuses and roles, has fun and also vents the surplus of energy.

During the game the dog relaxes and learns some essential concepts, such as the function of the bite and to what extent it can tighten without hurting.

Important, in addition to playing with their peers, is the playful activity with their owner, through which the animal will absorb other important concepts of coexistence.

Whether it’s social or individual, the game always has a primary role and that’s why you must remember to leave your pet some toy for when he is forced to stay at home, perhaps alone.

For our friend there is not much difference between games for dogs made at home and those bought in pet stores or purchased online, the important thing is that in one way or another are non-toxic and not ingestable, better if made of durable rubber or rubber.

There are many brands known for the high quality of their products, first of all Kong, but even a plastic bottle can sometimes work well.

However, it is essential to teach your puppy right from the start that there is a big difference between the games and your clothes, not only to prevent you from ruining your shoes and pants but also to facilitate the learning of the hierarchies.

So if the origin of the toy isn’t fundamental and do-it-yourself dog games can work very well, two tricks to follow become a little more important depending on whether the dog plays alone or with you.

In the first case it is a good habit to change the games often, both for type and size. It does not matter whether it is a ball, a bone, a rope or other, but be careful to change measures and consistency as this, as well as distract and entertain more your puppy, will also increase his mental capabilities. If you change models, your dog will not get used to it and will continue to have fun and learn new things every day.

It is also significant to choose two or three toys reserved for the occasions in which you will play with him and keep them out of the reach of the puppy: when he sees you extract them he will begin to associate those particular games for dogs to the moments of play with the master.

The activities that you can perform with your faithful friend are many, from the shoot and spring to the hide-and-seek, from games of mental activation to those focused on the sense of smell up to the carrying of objects and many occasions are able to transform, with some expedient, in real training sessions for your dog.

We will return to some of these activities in particular with posts dedicated exclusively to them, for now you need only remember that in the choice of games for dogs is never important to meet your aesthetic needs, which do not matter to your puppies, but rather respect the health and safety of your animal.

A dog that has had the opportunity to play from an early age, alone and with other dogs and its owner, will grow more sociable and balanced, and physical activity will allow him a longer, healthier life and with much, much less stress.

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