Furminator, the Miracle-Working Dog Brush

Many of our readers will have heard of Furminator, often with tones of true enthusiasm, but perhaps they will not have investigated thinking that one dog brush is worth the other.

Nothing more false, Furminator, with its particular action on the undercoat of your four-legged friend, does a job of much higher quality than many other brushes on the market and, at a price a little ‘higher, gives incomparable performance.

So what is the secret of Furminator? What is meant by deshedding? Does Furminator ruin your fur or hurt your puppies? Let’s find out.

To fully understand the usefulness of the Furminator dog brush, you first need to understand what the undercoat is.

Unlike us humans, dogs and other animals have, for each follicle, a protective hair and several undercoats. The hair is the longest and most visible, which will form the actual coat of the animal, while the undercoat is closer to the skin and is much softer and thinner.

Both types of hair fall, but it is the undercoat that is usually more abundant and you notice more around the house, and it is exactly on the undercoat that Furminator acts decisively. There are some breeds of dogs without undercoat or with very short hair and in those cases it will not be necessary to use this accessory, but in other cases buying a Furminator will represent a great change for both the dog and your home.

Once we understand what the undercoat is, we go to see the so-called “deshedding” and what differentiates this action from brushing and combing.

All three practices are very important for the well-being of your dog, but different from each other: brushing deals with the knots, the most obvious dirt and generally stimulates the skin for the secretion of protective oils, the hairstyle is a more precise action and besides making the hair softer can also deal with the most delicate areas such as snout and legs, while the deshedding deals with the undercoat, eliminating the dead portions without damaging the rest.

Most of the brushes and combs on the market either fail to reach the undercoat or damage the skin of the animal with teeth too thin and sharp, while the action of Furminator reduces up to 90% of the hair loss of your pet without causing any damage.

The use is simple and intuitive and you will discover that usually the dog likes the action of this brush, which among other positive aspects does not require electricity and is very easy to clean: once collected a little ‘of hair will just a click to remove everything.

How much does a Furminator brush cost? Prices vary depending on the model (they exist for small or large size, for long or short hair) and also depending on whether you buy it in a pet store or you make an online purchase, you generally range from 30 to 60 euros for an accessory that will last a long time and that can be used on dogs, cats and rabbits.

But be careful: the first time you use Furminator you will usually be totally surprised by the amount of hair collected: the pile of undercoat extracted from your dog will be more or less equivalent to a small or medium pillow and you will not be able to believe the effectiveness of this tool!

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