Do you Really Need Dog Coats?

We’re writing to you shortly after Halloween so we can’t pretend we’re not doing anything: the cold has come and it’s time to get out the heavy clothes for us and the dog coats in case you own a pretty cool puppy.

But, just as we have given you some advice regarding dog clothes in general, we think it’s good to say a few words on this subject as there are too many pet owners who overcover their four-legged friends and seem to take more into account the tastes of men than the needs of the animals.

We discussed earlier the fact that most dogs are better equipped to withstand the cold than we are, so warm dog coats are welcome but we try to choose the right target for this clothing: a Chihuahua, it is intuitive, has very different needs than a Newfoundland.

Many dogs of large and medium size with long or medium hair, or with short but thick and hard hair, accustomed to spending several hours outside and also equipped with a good constitution (and nice layers of fat) do not suffer the cold and need winter clothing only in the most extreme situations.

A different matter is for dogs with very short hair, of any size but with particular attention to those of small size from apartment and also for elderly dogs, sick or puppies: the cold and temperature changes can cause serious damage to their health and it is good to think of dressing them in coats for dogs before the daily walk.

Dogs such as Boxers or Dalmatians, just to name two, therefore need more coverage than others, but how to choose the right coat?

First of all you have to take into account your dog’s measurements and in order not to repeat our advice we invite you to consult the final part of the previous article concerning the clothes, you will find the correct indications on how to measure your puppy.

Then take into account some factors: it is important that the material is of high quality, able to heat without irritating and naturally non-toxic; it must then be washable with extreme ease, since the dog will roll in the mud and end up in various places not really clean; it must keep warm in particular the most exposed areas and then the belly and also the back and finally it would be preferable to have a waterproof coat, for obvious reasons.

Pet shops and online shops offer a wide choice of coats for dogs, some of them luxury, branded, signed and made for special occasions, but this is also a field very suitable to unleash your imagination in case you know how to use crochet and sewing machine.

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