Christmas: the Best Gifts for Dogs

There are just over two weeks to Christmas and those who live with pets will feel the desire to make them spend a good time of celebration: last week we took care of the cats, now it is right to think of gifts for dogs.

The holiday season is full of offers and discounts and is the best time to go looking, among pet shops and various online shops, for the right opportunity to buy gifts for dogs, with an eye to the welfare of our puppies and also to the savings and utility for us humans.

Christmas is just around the corner and this magnificent holiday, as well as being an opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, can offer many ideas that, in addition to making our pets happy, can be very useful and appreciated by us “human”.

We have thought to offer to the friends of Pet Magazine a list of six ideas for gifts for dogs, let’s discover them.

Bicycle Bag for Transporting Dogs

Do you like to leave your car in the garage and use your bicycle to move around the city or go to the park?

Don’t you know how to safely transport your four-legged friend?

This bike bag is the ideal solution: sturdy, capable of carrying up to seven kilos in weight, easy to clean and fold, protects from wind and rain.

Electronic Feeder for Dogs

It is not always possible to be present in the house and, if during the day you do not find someone you can trust, meals for our puppy can become a problem.

This electronic feeder is programmable via a timer for feeding.

Pawcare Large

You’ve been at the park with your puppy who, when he returns home, will surely have his legs dirty.

To ensure a proper cleaning that also reduces the risk of infection here is one of the best gifts for dogs: Pawcare Large, a cleaning mat that penetrates thoroughly between the fingertips of the dog, removing dirt and treating any micro wound with substances such as jojoba oil and allantoin, natural and environmentally friendly ingredients that will ensure your dog’s feet soft and fragrant.

Magic Brush

And after we’ve taken care of your big dog’s legs.

This pet brush gently removes excess hair and dirt from the coat.

Suitable for long-haired dogs (and cats), this model is ideal for small dogs, but two other types are available for medium and large dogs.

Tractive GPS Tracker

Another example of useful dog gifts, the GPS Tractive Locator is equipped with many important functions:

Lightweight, robust and easy to apply to the collar, it is also suitable for cats and allows you to always know the exact location of your pet by consulting the map from your PC, iPhone and Android using the free apps.

You can follow every movement of your pet at a distance, easily tracing it in case of a possible escape and always through the app you can also keep track of appointments with the vet, vaccinations, allergies and other useful information.

You can set up a “protected zone”: when your dog leaves that zone you will be immediately informed and you will be able to follow its movements in real time.

Finally, this dog accessory is equipped with an integrated light, useful both for tracking the animal in the dark and for helping it to orientate itself during the night.

Sharpen File Electric Nail Cutter

And here we are with the conclusion of our Christmas list of gifts for dogs.

We get there with an accessory that in addition to being very useful is doubly cheap because, in addition to having a reduced price, you will avoid additional expenses at grooming centers.

The Electric Nail Sharpener perfectly cares for the condition of the nails of dogs and cats, avoiding chips and breaks and solving the problem of scratches and marks on the floor and other surfaces.

It is a safe and easy to use tool: just insert your dog’s nails in the opening and the accessory will take care of the rest, filing, shortening and retaining remains and waste!

In the hope that you have found something interesting for your last Christmas shopping, we remind you that to stay constantly updated on our articles and initiatives you can follow us both on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

The editorial staff of Pet Magazine wishes you and your animals a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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