Bedding for Dogs: How to Educate People on how to Use it

Teaching our dogs, large or small, the use of an apartment or terrace litter tray can be the ideal solution for some problematic cases.

Although the best practice for the dog is always to leave the house and take a healthy walk around the block or in the parking lot, there are still some situations in which our friendly friend is forced to skip this daily practice, including periods of illness, lack of time, commitments outside the house, old age of the dog and more.

Training a dog to use a litter box is not an easy task but not even impossible, especially if you have a puppy and you start to educate the dog with positive reinforcements as soon as possible: we will then have a pet that will want to use the trees in the park but that will also know how to use the litter box for dogs in times of need.

There are many models of litter for dogs on the market and at many pet stores and online shops you will be spoilt for choice with these accessories: from those in coconut to those in synthetic grass, from diapers to absorbent tablets up to models equipped with a grid and are all more or less functional, also depend on the size of the animal and it is not easy to indicate a model clearly more suitable than the others, even sheets of newspaper can be used very well for this purpose.

In the editorial office we have a weakness for grilled dog litter because at the same time it is more hygienic for the puppy, who does not get his legs dirty, and it is certainly the easiest to clean and can therefore be re-used many times, with a considerable saving compared to other solutions at a very modest cost of departure and therefore recommend this type to all friends of Pet Magazine.

Although there is still a much preferable model, there are many choices and the process of training the dog becomes crucial, training that is divided into several phases and that if carried out properly should not take more than a few days, two or three weeks at most. Don’t expect your dog to start behaving like a cat, of course, but with a minimum of effort you will certainly get some results.

Does The Dog Litter Box Work?

First of all, facilitate access to your friend’s “bathroom area”: it must be clear to him what the purpose of that place is.

Do not yell at or impress your puppy every time he does not use the litter tray: rather, use tricks such as wetting toilet paper in his urine and then taking it to the litter tray, or taking his needs directly (when he does not see them) and putting them in the place where he has to do them. It is advisable to clean the needs made around very well, perhaps leaving in the area a repellent for dogs or other odors annoying for him.

After the periods of play and every time after the dog has eaten, try to take it to the litter tray, accustoming it to a sort of rhythm and ritual.

Use, as mentioned, the positive reinforcements: if you notice that your dog has done his needs correctly do not spare the compliments and maybe even give him some delicacy as a reward.

Training a puppy is not easy but it will pay for the effort, it is a system that works with both males and females and at the end of the path you will live even better with your best friend, knowing that he will always want to go around the meadows and groves but that, if there is an emergency, he will also know how to behave better indoors in the apartment.

Online you will find countless articles and tutorials explaining how to build a litter box for dogs, a small DIY job actually not very complicated. Although creating a litter box for dogs is not difficult, we feel obliged to tell you that you will not spare at all opting for DIY because it is not necessarily that your work is able to ensure the highest possible hygiene, that hygiene you want to get, and you will probably end up buying anyway a product on the market.

Instead of asking yourself how to make a bedding for dogs, ask yourself which is the best bedding and which are the characteristics to take into account when buying. You will see that by choosing one of the high quality litters available on the market today, you will discover a really excellent practicality and high hygiene.

Let’s go together to find out then what are these important features to take into account.

Dog Litter Tray With Grill

The dog bedding with grill is a very practical and hygienic product, just what you need for your four-legged friend. It is a plastic box with a plastic grid. Your four-legged friend will go to the grill to make his needs. The pee will go directly to the bottom of the tank: to remove it you just have to remove the grid, empty the tank and clean with soap and water or with a special detergent. The poop instead will remain on the grid and will therefore be very easy to remove. Of course, even the grill can be easily cleaned with water, soap and detergents.

This is a litter tray for dogs at home, perfect for your indoor environment, but nothing obviously prohibits to place it on the balcony or in the garden, better if protected from the weather otherwise, there is a risk that the pool will fill with water in case of rain. The bedding for dogs or garden dogs may also be in possession of a possible cap just to avoid this inconvenience, but this is an impractical detail because you will be forced to remember to open it every time your dog needs it.

The only drawback of dog bedding with a grill is that it needs to be cleaned very frequently, otherwise there is a risk that you may come to create bad smells or with your dog can step on its needs dirtying around. Fortunately, however, that cleaning, as we have just said is really very simple.

Grass Litter For Dogs

The grass litter for dogs is a very special product. It is a turf, usually square or rectangular, which in some models may even be in possession of an outer frame. The dog will do its business directly on the grass, just as it would in the garden. There are both versions of dog bedding with synthetic grass and versions of dog bedding with real grass. Synthetic grass is certainly the ideal choice if you want to place the litter box directly in the apartment while the model with real grass can be considered a litter box for outdoor dogs, perfect therefore in the garden and on the balcony.

The grassy bedding for dogs, if kept in the garden, is easy to clean. You can eliminate solid needs and then use the systole to intensely clean the entire turf, whether it is real or synthetic. However, you understand that you will not be able to carry out such a cleaning in your home. This means that you will not be able to achieve intensive hygiene, leading to unpleasant odours and the proliferation of bacteria, but it is also true that today there are litters treated with anti-odour and antibacterial products.

We remind you that today there are commercially available grass bedding from organic farming, arranged in cardboard boxes and treated with organic products. By choosing a litter box of this type you will have made a green choice that is friend of the environment in which we live and you can be sure that you have preserved the health of your four-legged friend at best.

Dog Litter With Sand

Finally, there is a third type of litter for dogs, the one with sand. It is a litter in all respects equal to that used for cats: a plastic tank in which you will insert the appropriate sand.

The problem with dog bedding with sand is that it is difficult to clean and that you will often have to change the sand completely and sanitize the plastic tray.

The Measures

Once you have chosen the model of litter tray that you like best and that is better able than others to meet your specific needs, it is very important that you take into account the measurements of the litter tray. This way you will avoid buying a product that is too large for the space you have at your disposal.

However, the size of the litter tray should also be chosen according to your dog. A small dog litter box is also quite small, but if you have a very large dog you will need to opt for a larger, more spacious and more comfortable litter box.

Among the most common measures for hygienic litter for dogs we must remember:

  1. 60×60 square litter tray for dogs, perfect for optimizing space and to be positioned in the corners,
  2. 60×90 rectangular dog bedding, slightly larger, practical and comfortable for all types of dogs.

Bedding For Male Dogs

Some litter box models may also have a kind of turret, ideal for male dogs. Male dogs can thus use the turret as a tree or pole, just as they would if they were in the park or on the street. It may seem like a minor detail, but we can assure you that it can really make a difference.

Dog Litter: Other Cases Where It Is Useful

We initially stated that dog litter is very useful if you do not have a garden or a balcony and do not want to or cannot walk your dogs every day, perhaps because of a thousand work commitments, or that you are unable to do so due to adverse weather conditions.

It is a suitable tool, however, we would like to emphasize, even in other situations. Dog litter is, for example, very useful in the case of dogs during vaccination that cannot leave home for a few days, sick dogs, dogs with arthritis that feel a lot of pain when walking, older dogs or incontinent dogs.

Tips For Buying

Buying your dog litter in pet stores means choosing a high quality product, but the models available in these stores are never particularly numerous, without forgetting then that the prices can be really very high. Better then opt for the web, where you will surely find a much wider choice and competitive prices.

Dog litter on Amazon is an excellent choice because of the wide range of products available, the low prices and also the high quality, not to mention the periodic offers that allow you to save even more intensely. Choosing on Amazon is easy thanks to the detailed descriptions, the questions that you can ask to users who have already purchased that product, the reviews present and also of course to the customer service that answers without difficulty to all your questions. If the bedding you have purchased does not meet your expectations, you can ask for a replacement or a refund.

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