Essay on Superhero Poetry, including Krypton Nights

A wonderful new essay on Superhero Poetry by Stephen Burt of Harvard University (which, in part, addresses Krypton Nights) appears here:

The Lost Sea of Sighs

The Lost Sea of Sighs is an epic animal fable.  200 pages of anapestic tetrameter...with pigs. 



For some of my essays on poetics, myth, film, and comics, please follow these links:

Art by Frank Cho (borrowed)

The Monstrance

A love story between a monster and a gypsy. 

To paraphrase Nabokov, "Lipstick, lightning."

A book of poems for consideration by the Science Fiction Poetry Association for the Elgin Award. 

 To download a review copy for the Elgin Award, click on the link below. 

Other Gods

Just finished putting this collection together.  

It is about terror and delight, all the gods that rock us into being awed. 

Proposed Cover

One of the poems from this collection:



Review of Love Craft

Though the book will not be available until January, here is the first review:


Drawn to Marvel

 Drawn to Marvel

Sound Files

Click below to download.

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