Essay on Universal Monsters

On Universal Monsters

By Veronica Hollinger, Co-editor, Science Fiction Studies

Essay on Krypton Nights

On Krypton Nights

By Curtis Shumaker (Reprinted from The New York Review of Science Fiction

Personal Stuff

My family, Gina and Nick.  They make it all wondrous.

Gina and Christine












The Paris Review Sessions

When Krypton Nights was released in October of 2002, Zoo Press and invited me to join several other Paris Review poets to record live versions of our works.  To hear this reading of "Autobiography Of a Cape" click below and look for me:

Upcoming Readings

Bryan reading with David Lunde, Brian Aldiss, and Joe Haldeman


Book launch for The Assumption:  11/11/11 at 7 p.m.


Bryan at a reading at UT Arlington

Wonder Woman Unbound

Proposed Paradise Bound Cover (Art by Sara Olson)














The Assumption

This one is coming out in August, 2010 from Wordfarm.

Cover by Heather Boyce-Broddle

Single Bound

This follow-up to Krypton Nights explores Wonder Woman as archetype of the Divine Feminine.  The book is finished and looking for a publisher. 

Proposed Amazon Days Cover (art by Author) 






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