The Assumption

This one is coming out in August, 2010 from Wordfarm.

Cover by Heather Boyce-Broddle

What are our assumptions?  What takes us up?  The Assumption is a collection of crowns that, through different voices, explores the topic of whether or not we're alone in the universe.  On the surface, that means little green men.  On other levels, well...  I've heard the world is hollow...and I have touched the sky.

The following poem, part of the book's first sonnet sequence,  was just a finalist for the Rhysling Award and went with Scotty into space.


We.  Manic, organic, immaculate,

our conception, our long lust for cause,

this need, perhaps greed, for eternal laws

sends us, spores, Earth’s whores, ejaculate,

back to the abyss, the whence we commenced,

back to tomb, womb, cosmic amniotic sac.

Here, death’s foes (little Prosperos, Poe’s), dance

the dance of red to black.  Like orphans we lack,

hunger for first embrace, to retrace the race.

In all we do, we echo the urge to crave

some sun, what fills—from crater to pond to cave,

from Plato to Pluto, Dido to Odo—space.

The dark is more than only, lonely, full of fear.

It’s made us seek, as Stevens said, an Engineer.